About us

Created to address the needs of consumers in the automotive market, our platform aims to assist new buyers regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnic background. Our goal is to help our clients make informed decisions when purchasing a new vehicle. We want the entire process for you to be transparent, stress and hustle free.

All too often when shopping for a new vehicle, consumers have repeatedly told us about unethical even unprofessional conduct by car sales people. As an example, one of our founding directors, despite five years in the automotive industry, managing thousands of vehicles for a global enterprise, found herself too in the exact same position when buying a new car.

At many dealerships, she was either dismissed or ignored by sales people, faced sexist discrimination, her requests for clarification were ignored, terms and conditions were not explained clearly but instead the price tag for every vehicle she looked at was inflated. She also faced mounting pressure to purchase add-ons that were neither essential nor required. After extensive research, we came to the realization this is common practice at innumerous dealerships particularly with women, seniors and people from various ethnicities and gender. Instead of the vehicle purchase being an exciting experience, it has become negative, time consuming, frustrating and extremely stressful for many consumers.

We aim to change this. By removing 1st degree price discrimination from the auto industry, and by using disruptive technology we save time, money and stressful dealings for our clients. Simultaneously, we are working to increase revenues for our business partners while improving customer confidence in the auto sector.

Car buying made easy for everyone by Ottofact.