How to buy a new car in Toronto
Buying a car can not be called an absolutely easy thing. Certain problems are inevitable. For example, the price for additional accessories is often pretty steep. In addition, accessories are often not sold separately, but are combined into a package. The buyers may need only one or two accessories, and don’t need the other items, but they have to buy the entire package all the same.
16 August 2019
After some service a car depreciates by 30% — is it true?
Perhaps everyone knows the allegation that as soon as you drive a few meters in a new car, it immediately depreciates by 30%. How true is this statement?nnn
In fact, it is very difficult to say whether it is 100% true. The fact is that no one in real life has ever sold a newly purchased brand-new car after driving it only a few meters.
21 July 2019
Sometimes it's better to pay for car repair yourself
The need to repair even a brand-new car may arise at any moment. Let us take, for example, such a typical domestic situation: you unsuccessfully drove into the garage and scratched the car’s side pretty hard. What is better for you: to pay for repairs yourself or try to make an insurance claim?
10 July 2019