How to buy a new car in Toronto

How to buy a new car in Toronto

Several peculiarities of buying a new car in Canada

Those who had to buy cars in different countries, unanimously declare that the rules of buying vehicles in Canada can be called one of the most convenient in the world. There are no problems with buying, even in cases when a person has a bad credit history, or there is no credit history at all.

Cheating when buying a car in Canada is impossible. If dishonest buyers try not to pay, then the vehicle will be withdrawn from them really quickly.

When choosing a car, a buyer is guided by personal preferences. Someone wants the car to have a manual gearbox, someone needs extra capacity, someone gives priority to compactness and economy, and someone wants to enjoy automotive luxury. Car dealers can meet all these requirements.

If you have to save hard, then you can buy a rebuilt car. Such a purchase will cost almost 30% cheaper.

Buying a car from a dealer is as follows:

  • You come to the dealer (the meeting can be arranged in advance by phone, or through the website, or you can come without making an appointment in advance).
  • You ask to show you a car.
  • You carefully inspect the car, listen to the explanations of the seller, ask questions.
  • You take the car for a test drive.
  • If you like the car, you can leave a deposit, or immediately proceed to the purchase process.
  • For purchase processing, the dealer calls the agent of the insurance company, who brings the necessary documents.

Several peculiarities of buying a new car in Toronto

If you want to buy a car in Toronto, then you can do it in three ways.

  • Use the services of dealerships. You come, inspect the cars for sale, make your choice. You can send the car for an inspection, and get a detailed analysis of the car for a small fee.
  • Read carefully the ads given by private sellers. In this case, you need to be extremely careful, ask the sellers in detail about the car. Before you make a purchase, take the car to the inspection.
  • The advantage of buying from a private seller is that the price is almost 30% lower than when buying from dealers. But the significant disadvantage is that such a seller sells only one car, and if it does not suit you, you have to repeat everything from the very beginning.
  • Contact a professional dealer. This requires you to give a list of parameters that the car must meet, and the dealer selects a model for a certain fee. This method is great for those who do not have time to inspect cars dealerships and private sellers, and for those who are not well versed in technical details.

It should be remembered that you can get insurance only if you have a driving license. Therefore, to buy a car with no driving license is impossible in Canada.

Potential problems when buying

Buying a car can not be called an absolutely easy thing. Certain problems are inevitable.

For example, the price for additional accessories is often pretty steep. In addition, accessories are often not sold separately, but are combined into a package. The buyers may need only one or two accessories, and don’t need the other items, but they have to buy the entire package all the same.

The latest models of cars do not have statistics of breakdowns, and the cost of their maintenance and operation is estimated only approximately - it also represents a challenge to buyers.

In order to preserve the right to a guarantee, the purchased car must undergo mandatory inspections (fee-paying) from a dealer, and some components will have to be changed well before their expiration date.


What are the options for buying: leasing, credit; their features, advantages, disadvantages

In addition to the usual purchase, there are several other ways to get a car for temporary use. One of the most common ones is car leasing. This service offers brand new or used vehicles, and they are always in excellent condition.

Car leasing is ideal for those who need a brand new executive-class car that does not require maintenance. After all, the feature of leasing is that if a breakdown occurs, the dealer takes the car to be repaired and gives you a functioning one. In addition, realtors and other businessmen can deduct expenses for leasing from their taxes. When the lease period ends, you can take a brand-new car under the same conditions, or buy the car at a residual price.

The disadvantage of leasing is the specified mileage and a ban on any vehicle modifications.

If you buy a car for cash, then you need to be equipped with the full amount. But there is no need of going to the store with a bag full of money. You can transfer the purchase price in the form of a bank draft or a certified check. After that, the car comes at your complete disposal, and you can do whatever you want with it. This is very convenient if you have enough money.

Buying a car on credit is also very convenient. Usually, the dealer is ready to provide the buyer with a loan at attractive rates. But such loans are often accompanied by compulsory insurance against default, which means that the amount of the transaction appears to have an impressive addition.

Credit for buying a car can be obtained at the bank, but buyers use this method less frequently. This method is used by those who have a not too good credit history, do not have a permanent official income, etc.

You can use a credit line. This gives you a free payment schedule.

You can pay for the car purchase by credit card. This allows you to save a little, since you get back 1-2% of the amount spent and other bonuses. To tell the truth, dealers don’t let you to pay the entire amount with a credit card, but you can always pay a part of the cast with a credit card.

How to choose a car, what you should watch out

Choosing the most suitable car with modern abundance can be a very difficult task. In this business expert advice helps very well, as well as automatic selection of vehicles, implemented on websites for online vehicle sales. Search engines ask you just those questions that are the most important.

One of the most important aspects is how many people should accommodate your car.

The hatchback fits very well to novice drivers. This car is the easiest to perform parking.

Also, when buying, you should pay attention not only to the price of the car itself, but also to the cost of its operation, the availability of spare parts, gas mileage.

It should be borne in mind that stylish sports cars require very good driving skills, and their maintenance is more expensive than the maintenance of other models.

Oversized cars also require much driving experience.

How to negotiate

Good negotiation skills can help to bring down the price pretty good.

It should be borne in mind that employees of car dealerships always strive to sell the car in the maximum configuration. In order not to overpay and not acquire something you will not use, you can follow these simple rules.

You should immediately inform the manager that before you sign the documents, you want to show them to your lawyer.

If the manager asks you to tell him your phone number, it is better to say that you contact him when the time suits you.

Be sure to find out the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) on the brand's website.

Visit several websites and car dealers to compare prices.

Come to the dealership for 1 hour before closing. When the manager has little time, he does not go for tricks, but simply tries to sell the car without unnecessary price markups.

The best time to buy a car is the end of the month. At this time, managers rush to increase the number of their sales, and are more willing to sell cars cheaper.

If you buy a used car, be sure to ask for a discount of at least 10%.

Always be polite - it wins people close over and it increases the chance of getting a discount.

Payment, hidden fees, wording features (MSRP, InvoicePrice, DealerCost)

Each car has Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and Maximum Selling Price (MSP). But you still have to pay more than these sums. After all, when buying you have to pay taxes, and additional accessories, and insurance. Often, the buyer also has to pay for the delivery of the purchased car from the factory to the dealer. Price may be about $1,000.

Therefore, when you, having made a purchase, receive the corresponding document with indication of all points of payment, Invoice Price always turns out to be much higher than the prices that you see on websites or in car dealerships. The final price to be paid will include Dealer Cost, as well as various fees, mandatory payments, car storage fees, etc.

 Car sharing, etc

It is very difficult to do without personal transport in any Canadian city. But nevertheless, many believe that there is no need for a private car. You can get a great car with the following modern methods:

  • car sharing;
  • car leasing;
  • car rental.

The most popular car sharing services in Canada are Modo, Evo, ZipCar, Car2Go. They have different payment terms for using cars. It could be a monthly payment, a refundable deposit, an hourly rate or daily payment. And you absolutely do not need to pay for car insurance, oil change, or be engaged in any technical maintenance of the car. You just pay and get a car with a full tank of gas, which is fully operational, too.

But such a car has to be brought back at the specified time and place. For any violation of this rule you will have to pay extra.

Such services are most convenient for those who rarely use personal vehicles, and for those who are far from their own cars. Thus, all these services are very useful even to those who have already bought a great car.

OttoFact — your trusty assistant in purchasing a car

So, as we see, there are many different ways to get a new car in Canada. How to choose the most convenient way? How to find out about the latest motor car market products? Finally, how to choose from the set of models the car that best suits you?

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