Find, bid and buy your new car from the comfort of your home
No pushy sales person, no lengthy negotiations, a transparent process saving you time and money. You are in the driver’s seat where you belong.
Find, bid and buy your new car from the comfort of your home
No pushy sales person, no lengthy negotiations, a transparent process saving you time and money. You are in the driver’s seat where you belong.
Find, bid and buy your new car from the comfort of your home
No pushy sales person, no lengthy negotiations, a transparent process saving you time and money. You are in the driver’s seat where you belong.

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Great Service! Help and guidance from beginning to end! Could not be a better car buying experience!
Abbas Shaherwala
Woodbridge, Ontario
Great and fast service. Thank you for your help. I got the wright car for the best price. Definitely recommend them to everyone.
Emin Zeynalov
Toronto, Ontario
Best car deals on any car any brand! Super fast and professional service
Quincy Ng
Toronto, Ontario
Amazing team! Knowledgeable and professional. Had an amazing experience purchasing my vehicle with them. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.
Alona Bernadski
Toronto, Ontario
Amazing service! Helped me obtain the best possible deal for the car that I absolutely love! I recommend it to everyone who’s is looking for amazing deal! Thank you for helping me and I absolutely love it.
Albina Belkina
Toronto, Ontario
Incredibly detailed and personal client service! Would highly recommend.
Andrea Erakovic
Toronto, Ontario


Mercedes A 2019 is now in Canada
The car has a very expressive “face”: an elegant radiator grille, in the center of which there is the traditional Mercedes logo in the form of a three-beam star; LED headlights that resemble slanting eyes; sculpted bumper, in which the air intakes perform the function of additional stylish decorations.
6 February 2019
New BMW X5 2019
The 2019 BMW X5 which was recently launched is an all-new 4th generation which comes in 2 variants: the X5 xDrive 50i and the X5 xDrive 40i. The BMW X5 which was introduced about 2 decades ago, has had over 2.2 million products being sold worldwide and has exclusively been built in Spartanburg, SC.
5 February 2019
Renault 2019
Renault, a French car manufacturer, is planning to present the second-generation Captur Crossover at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show scheduled for next fall. It is going to follow the presentation of the new Clio at the 2018 Paris Motor Show.
6 July 2018
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Why YOU Should Buy YOUR Next Car Online

Car dealerships leave much to be desired.  Dreading the experience that lies ahead, consumers tend to delay visits to local dealerships.  If this describes how you feel about dealerships and the pressure you face from salespeople or perhaps you stand around feeling ignored, then you have come to the right place.

We offer a new way to search for and purchase new cars in Ontario, Canada for buyers just like you.  You want to find a premium sedan, or a perhaps a reasonably priced hatchback, you have come to the right place -- OTTOFACT.  But, before we get down to why OTTOFACT is the solution to your car buying woes, let’s explore why more and more shoppers are heading online, to buy their next car.

You Don’t Have Time

Everyone today is on overdrive.   Chances are that spare time is a luxury.   If finding time to shower leisurely each day is enough of a challenge, forget about finding an entire weekend to spend at a local car dealership.

The biggest advantage of buying a car online is CONVENIENCE.  You have the ability to compare a wide range of vehicles and prices without having to get off the couch, more importantly you are under no pressure to buy.  Information is at your fingertips 24 hrs a day.  You pick the time that works for you.  You research what you want or compare the latest deals without having to drive from dealership to dealership.

You Don’t Want to Play Games

Used car lots are notorious for these types of antics; even premium brand dealerships can find themselves with a bad apple on staff.

The internet has leveled the playing field regardless of what demographic you identify with. Seniors, LGBQT, ethnic communities, women, millennials -- all know the internet is a genderless, ageless way to ask questions and seek opinions.  Today, anyone can take advantage of information through social networks and reviews.  The internet has helped to remove first-degree price discrimination (a common practise in the car industry).  It allows everyone to be treated in a  fair and equal manner.

You Don’t Want to Be Ripped Off

Just as car dealers are notorious for playing games, they also tend to be known for scamming customers.  Your money is hard earned. Even if the dealership is an outstanding business with satisfied customers, salesmen and representatives can swindle their way into your wallet, before you even realize what’s happening.

Instead, the online car sales marketplace is competitive, which means you can shop around for a good deal, and place a bid for an even better one!  With OTTOFACT, fast talking sales people can become a thing of the past. OTTOFACT allows you to take your time reviewing the contract with a transparent process that will bring you piece of mind.

Even researching online take too much time!

Information is merely a click — or, more accurately, a Google search away. Depending on your query, there’s likely at least a dozen, if not hundreds of blogs on the topic, plus numerous articles. This mean you have to research website to website, and go from brand to brand.  OTTFACT has simplified the searching process.  You can compare makes and models against each other to find the best deals, or search by price and find the biggest savings. All the relevant information lies at your fingertips.

To Recap

What can OTTOFACT do for you?

  1. Buying your new car online with OTTOFACT gives you anonymity and allows YOU to level the playing field regardless of your age, race, or gender.
  2. OTTOFACT has created a simple and effective searching tool to give you the latest deals at your fingertips allowing you to compare hundreds of new car models in seconds.
  3. The OTTOFACT car buying process is transparent.  You see all the costs up front so you can make an informed decision without any added salesperson pressure.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 – FIND BID and BUY your next new car with OTTOFACT.