Car reviews

Infiniti QX50 2019
The appearance of an elegant Infiniti QX50 is very different from the appearance of its predecessors. The car is now not like a hatchback, it looks like a stylish crossover.
26 May 2019
GMC Sierra Denali 2019
The new GMC Sierra Denali pickup has such a rich technical equipment that you might think that this car was created for some fantastic superhero, and not for city streets and country roads.
21 May 2019
Genesis G70 2019
The appearance of the new sedan Genesis G70 strongly resembles previous models, but it is still not only stylish, but also innovative.
16 May 2019
Chevrolet Blazer 2019
The new Chevrolet Blazer crossover is very different from previous models. His “face” looks rather severe, thanks to the peculiar shape of headlights, grille and hood lines.
11 May 2019
Cadillac XT4 2019
The new 5-passenger SUV Cadillac XT4 is another very stylish new product from the Cadillac brand. Its external and internal design looks much more attractive than in the previous models.
6 May 2019
BMW X5 2019
At first glance it may seem that the differences between the new BMW X5 SUV and previous models are not that great, but this is only at first glance.
1 May 2019
BMW X4 2019
The new crossover BMW X4 has an elegant appearance that attracts attention. The "facial expression" of this car is very impressive and it has something predatory in its look.
26 April 2019
BMW 330i 2019
New 5-passenger sedan BMW 330i has a compact construction and a relatively light weight. At the same time it is the most high-tech representative of the 3 Series, as well as one of the most comfortable.
21 April 2019
Audi A7 2019
The appearance of the new Audi A7 Sportback is able to give aesthetic pleasure to anyone. It combines the smooth lines of classic models and sharp edges that make the image particularly expressive.
16 April 2019
Toyota Camry Hybrid 2018
New hybrid Toyota Camry Hybrid has immediately proved to be excellent in the market. The car has acquired clear sports features.
11 April 2019
Toyota RAV4 2019
New crossover Toyota RAV4, like its predecessors, is designed on a full-drive platform.
8 April 2019
Mazda 3 2019
The new generation of Mazda Mazda3 entered the market in two variants at once: 5-seat 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback.
5 April 2019