Audi Q3 2019

Audi Q3 2019

Engine: 2.0 liters, 4 cylinders
Transmission/drive: conventional 8-speed automatic with Quattro all-wheel drive
Fuel economy (liters/100 km): average consumption does not exceed 6.6 l / 100 km
Alternative: BMW X1 Mercedes-Benz GLA, Volvo XC40.


The elegant crossover SUV has a sporty character and stylish outside appearance. The car retains its corporate identity, but it looks completely updated. Its silhouette and smoothness of relief parts provides excellent aerodynamics and increased maneuverability.

The main advantages of the model are without doubt: stylish design; enhanced comfort; traffic safety; increased reliability. Due to this, the car caused great interest to itself even before entering the market.

Customers are attracted not only by luxury, but also by fair price-quality ratio. Everyone can easily notice changes in the appearance of the car. They are so noticeable and bright that it can be considered as an emergence of a fundamentally new generation of crossovers.

The first things that catch your attention:

  • large grille;
  • sharp contours of LED optics;
  • special design of exterior mirrors;
  • large wheel arches;
  • step rear bumper guard.

And all these changes are made not just for the sake of beauty - they significantly improve the aerodynamics and maneuverability of the car.


Keeping the previous compact dimensions, the new Audi Q3 managed to expand the space in the cabin, and makes it even more comfortable. The luggage compartment is also increased. A possibility of adjusting the rear seat backrest is specially provided for convenience of tall passengers and for transportation of bulky cargo.

The driver's seat is equipped with the maximum level of ergonomics. Everything is at hand: gearshift clutch and brake arm, comfortable armrest, cup holders, and so forth.

The rear seats are so mobile that they allow you to make various configuration options.

In front of the vehicle interior stands out the multistage console. On its top there are air vents of the climate system, the dashboard and the glareshield. A little below there is a touch monitor fo the multimedia complex.

Additional comfort is provided by a platform for wireless charging, an audio system with multiple speakers, a two-season climate control.


Relative to the previous models, driving this new car has become even more convenient and safer. Depending on the configuration engine power varies in a wide range, ranging from 150 horsepower. The driver is given as many as six different driving modes. Depending on the mode selected, the car automatically sets the steering sensitivity and adjusts the mounting.
When driving, engine power is used with maximum efficiency.

The media system is controlled by voice commands; it understands natural human speech and can even ask clarifying questions.

The car is equipped with an Electronically Controlled Braking System (EBS), which significantly improves driving safety. When you press the foot pedal, the car calculates the required braking force, basing on the readings of the speed detectors, the angle of rotation detectors, and many others.

The Start-Stop system allows you to use fuel with maximum efficiency, it reduces the noise, and the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Adaptive cruise control system automatically maintains the given speed and at the same time it maintains the safe distance to a vehicle that is driving ahead.


The sporty style of the seats provides great comfort to both the driver and passengers. The controls are arranged so that everything is at hand and does not distract the driver’s attention from the road. The readings of the speedometer, tachometer and on-board computer are displayed on the virtual instrument panel.

The car's interior is literally packed with the latest technologies. Passengers and the driver can use: Wi-Fi, Google Earth navigation, DAB radio, multimedia equipment based on Android Auto technology.

The MMI navigation plus system uses the HERE charting interface and can plot routes relying on past travel statistics as well as traffic conditions.

The complex for automatic tracking of road signs and road markings makes it impossible to violate the Road Traffic Ordinance through negligence.


The height and width of the luggage compartment have become bigger, but at the same time the car has not lost its compactness. This is very important for families with children and for those who love an active lifestyle.

The car provides a comfortable environment for transporting four full-figured adults and a lot of luggage or sports equipment.


The new Audi Q3 crossover is significantly superior to previous models in design and technological equipment. Its aggressive design has combined the best design solutions of modern times, and this course will surely be condoned by connoisseurs of automobile aesthetics.

New Audi Q3 is one of the most modern, comfortable and safe cars. This is a very stylish and attractive premium class crossover that provides some of the best riding qualities in its class.