Audi Q8 2019

Audi Q8 2019

Engine Capacity

The 2019 Audi Q8 will be powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged V-6 engine with a 335 hp and 369 lb.-ft torque. The car will be the first Audi SUV to incorporate a mild-hybrid technology comprising of a lithium-ion battery together with a belt alternator starter. These features operate in an electrical system having 48 volts. The system can recover 12 kW of energy when braking, a feature this car shares with the A8 sedan. When it comes to transmission, the car only comes as an 8-speed automatic vehicle which powers all its wheels using the Quattro Audi system. The rear wheels receive more torque than the front wheels with the proportion varying depending on the driving conditions. The engine is powerful enough to perform well on high altitudes.

Mechanical Features

The Q8 boasts of an adaptive air suspension and as previously mentioned a four-wheel steering. This makes it highly stable with the cabin getting very little vibrations while driving on rough ground. There is a steel spring which has active dampers, all which makes up the base suspension. Different driving modes enable one to adjust the ground clearance by an allowance of up to 3.5 inches with the car having a maximum ground clearance of 10.0 inches. A higher ground clearance will be suited for off road driving while a lower one will be used for high speed driving. Although the Q8 will be mostly used on good roads, it comes with a hill descent control feature which is suited for off-road driving. This controls how the car accelerates and brakes and thus enables the driver to focus more on steering. The inclination and roll angles reaching up to 21 degrees are displayed on its infotainment screen.

Physical Appearance

The sporty car has a dynamic and aesthetic appeal on the road with its 22-inch rims, which are the biggest on all Audi cars. A distinguishable black panel connects the taillights making the car stand out in comparison to the other Audi models. This is in addition to the octagonal front grille which has vertical chrome struts. The Q8 is shorter and wider than the earlier model Q7. To achieve the coupe-like look wanted by Audi, the rear windshield was made to drop more sharply.

Interior Features

From the driver’s seat one is able to have a good view even towards the back. The acoustic windows and double-layered windshield help keep the cabin quiet. There is ample space inside allowing even tall occupants to have plenty of legroom, with enough space heads and shoulders. The ability of the second row to fold in a configuration of 40/20/40 while also sliding forward and backward is also an added advantage since it can increase the space for cargo or legroom. The car has two rows of seat instead of the three rows that the Q7 has.

However, the Q8 could be better by having more USB ports since there are only two in front and two at the back. The second row is not left out of the technology features and sleek cabin look. On the center console, there are black panel-like touch screens that light up when the car is powered on. The HVAC controls are displayed on the lower screen just like in other Audi models. This screen also acts as the navigation system’s writing surface. A smooth vibration is felt on touching an icon on screen which confirms that the button has been touched. Ambient lighting illuminates the door panels, center console and dashboard which come in handy when it is dark. The Q8 has possesses a digital cockpit located behind the steering wheel.

The front seats offer luxurious comfort with ability to be heated and also coming with massage and passenger memory to offer maximum satisfaction to both the driver and the passenger in front. This is in addition to the Valcona leather seating.

Voice Control Features

You don’t have to issue commands when controlling some aspects such as the temperature. With the car’s new voice control, all you need to do is simply speak like you’re in a conversation. By simply saying that you feel cold after pressing the voice control button, the system will enquire from you on what temperature suits you and subsequently change it. A statement like “I am thirsty” will lead to the system suggesting the nearest store where you can buy a drink. This system works excellently even with a strong accent.

Price of 2019 Audi Q8

The car hits the market at the beginning of the year 2019. It will be introduced to the market at a cost of $67,400 which is on the higher side for a luxury mid-size SUV. There are two more expensive versions of the model, one going for $71,400 and the other for $76,550. The price could go all the way to $100,000 with addition of more packages and options.