BMW 330i 2019

BMW 330i 2019

Engine: 6-cylinder M340i sDrive and xDrive
Transmission/drive: 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission
Fuel economy: 6.1 - 5.8 l/100 km (46.3 - 48.7 mpg imp)


New 5-passenger sedan BMW 330i has a compact construction and a relatively light weight. At the same time it is the most high-tech representative of the 3 Series, as well as one of the most comfortable.

The car demonstrates a great sporty appearance. Its streamlined silhouette is impossible to miss, even when the car is driving in a dense traffic flow.

Door handles and mirrors have the same color as the body. The front bumper has four different types.

Designers have completely changed the look of the rear lighting. Now under the main lights there are also bright reflectors.

In the basic configuration has LED blocks dipped and main beam, LED daytime running lights and fog lights. Adaptive BMW Laserlight LED headlights that can illuminate the road for 1,738 feet are available upon request.

Aerodynamics of the car is significantly improved: now the head drag coefficient is just 0.23.


Despite the compact external dimensions, the inside space of the cabin is very spacious. In such a cabin, five tall adults can travel in comfort. There is a large passenger space: people can stretch their legs and lean back comfortably on their seats.

The color scheme of the interior is very diverse. Buyers are invited to choose upholstery in five different colors, plus decorative seams.

There are intermediate armrests in front and behind. On the backs of the front seats there are pockets for storing various small things. Also, the front seats have electric heating and electric drive. The seat has a location memory.

The interior is always very quiet, and the noise of the engine does not interfere with listening to music or talking.

The steering column can be adjusted. The steering wheel is leather trimmed and it has audio control buttons.

A pleasant atmosphere is provided by a three-zone climate control. It is controlled by buttons.

A virtual dashboard is displayed on a full-color large LCD screen. Also the front panel has a touch screen. Wireless charging is in the lockable compartment.


New transmission supports the work of Launch Control.

For accelerating to a speed of 62 mph, the car will need 5.3 seconds. The motor develops a power of 255 horsepower, and the torque reaches 295 lb-ft.

The improved direct injection system provides extremely efficient fuel consumption and minimizes toxicity of exhaust gases.

The updated and improved control system provides increased efficiency and excellent response of the car to the actions of the driver.

The unique “lift-related dampers” shock absorbers allow the suspension to quickly respond to a rapidly changing traffic situation. They can soften shocks when driving on rough roads, as well as stabilize the body on sharp turns, during heavy braking or acceleration. This makes the ride not only more comfortable, but also much safer.


The rear window has a heating system.

Side mirrors have electric drive and turn signal repeaters. LED headlights and windshield wipers are fully automatic.

A 360-degree camera with 3D remote viewing allows owners to see on their smartphones a three-dimensional image of the car and its surroundings.

If your phone supports NFC, then thanks to NFC technology you can turn your phone into a key that unlocks the car.

A set of “Driving Assistant Professional” technologies that help the driver and ensure safety includes adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go function; blind spots monitoring system; automatic braking in front of an obstacle when moving backwards; special warning of rear cross-movement; lane-keeping assist; frontal collision warning system.

During parking, you can use the automatic assistant and parking sensors.

All these “Driving Assistant Professional” technologies greatly facilitate driving on busy roads and significantly reduce the likelihood of being involved in a traffic accident.

The car understands simple commands given in natural language. This is possible thanks to technology Intelligent Personal Assistant. For example, it can be said that the cabin is freezing and the car will turn on the seat heating. The command must begin with the words "Hey BMW". Or instead of "BMW", the owner can invent another name for the car.


The trunk is equipped with an electric drive. Besides, you can open the trunk in a hands free way.

The volume of a cargo bay reaches 17 cubic feet and it can be further increased by folding the rear seats. A special case in the trunk helps to secure the load during the trip.

The verdict

The new BMW 330i sedan offers customers impeccable comfort, sporty steerability, maximum safety and a stylish appearance. The car has artificial intelligence and it can perform many commands. It is ideal for business trips and for fun-rides.