BMW X5 2019

BMW X5 2019

Engine: 6- or 8-cylinder turbo engines
Transmission/drive: 8-speed automatic transmission
Fuel economy: 93/116/EC
Alternative: Audi Q7, Volvo XC90, Land Rover Discovery


At first glance it may seem that the differences between the new BMW X5 SUV and previous models are not that great, but this is only at first glance. In fact, the new crossover looks much more stylish, impressive and outstanding. In addition, even in the basic configuration, it has a rich set of convenient features.

The car gives every appearance of a strong, determined temperament. This is emphasized by the massive bumper, the shape of the LED headlamps with LED "eyelashes" that perform the function of direction indicators.

The line of headlights is slightly tilted towards the grille, which gives the “face” of the car a decisive expression. The lower part of the headlights is emphasized with the reflector.

The grille can be either pure black or chrome. The central part of the bumper is occupied by an additional grille, radar, various sensors and a license plate. Several inserts improve overall aerodynamics.

Side-view mirrors can be black or chrome.

Body can be of eight different colors. The palette looks very noble, although there are no bright colors in it.

The standard model has a panoramic sunroof. Optionally, you can install a fully panoramic roof with a sliding front part.


The interior of the new BMW X5 crossover is noticeably different from previous models. Front dashboard design is fully updated. Now the instrument readings and the touch display of the multimedia system are combined into a single unit. Depending on the version of the BMW X5, the dashboard can be either fully digital or combined.

The basis of the new BMW X5 multimedia system is BMW Operating System 7.0, and in the top versions Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are used as well. Also, passengers can use HDMI output, USB port, charger 12V and 220V.

The climate control panel has a very interesting design. It has a relatively small color display, which is located between the two air ducts. Directly below the display there are two buttons. Everything is very simple, intuitive and convenient. Nearby we can see the control buttons for heating seats, windscreen and rear window.

The steering wheel has a leather cover and a heating system. Its center is decorated with a leather insert, on the radii there are buttons for controlling various functions. The height of the steering wheel can be adjusted by means of an electric drive.

The central tunnel of the BMW X5 crossover, decorated with wooden inserts, significantly improves the ergonomics of space. It has built-in charging of USB, 12V and 220V, a Qi standard wireless charging, HDMI and AUX.

The central tunnel ends with an armrest, which can optionally be equipped with a refrigerator.

For passengers sitting in the back, there is an additional climate control panel and USB ports.

The upholstery is made of high-quality leather, and the top versions of the car use a combination of leather with alcanthra. Buyers are offered 8 different interior colors, as well as the possibility of individual selection of colors. Wood and metal inserts can also be of different types.


New BMW X5 crossovers are available with three different configurations, which are characterized by different power, torque and maximum speed. A model with a 6-cylinder engine with a power of 335 horsepower accelerates the car to a speed of 60 mph in 5.3 seconds; models with an engine of 456 horsepower can do it for just 4.6 seconds.

All models have an 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission and all-wheel drive with automatic clutch locking.

The new crossover uses the CLAR platform. The front suspension is a double wishbone, and the rear suspension has a multi-link design. Optionally, you can install air suspension.

The design of the car provides the ability to easily maneuver at high speed during severe road conditions.

Experts assign a five-star safety rating of this car. In addition, the car is recognized as the safest for child passengers.

The car has a very smooth ride and provides impeccable comfort while driving under all conditions. The driver and passengers do not feel tired even on very long trips.


Headlights of the new crossover are LED and have an adaptive function. More expensive versions are equipped with matrix headlights with fully automatic high and low beam operation.

The windshield is equipped with heating around the wipers, and the top versions have heated glass all around the perimeter.

The standard set of equipment for side mirrors includes electric drive, heating system, automatic folding, LED turn signal.

The car is equipped with many modern technologies to ensure comfort and safety. The main ones are: airbags, curtain airbags and inflatable seat belts; blind spot monitoring; rain and light sensor system; assistants while driving, parking and driving with a trailer; adaptive cruise control; system of recognition of road signs and pedestrians; surround view; navigation system with 3D maps; collision avoidance system; automatic braking in case of an accident; immobilizer and more.

A special convenience is provided by the remote control crossover system and Keyless-Entry-and-Go system.


The trunk lid consists of two parts. Such design greatly improves the appearance of the car and simplifies the use of the luggage compartment.

The upper part of the trunk is movable, and the lower is nonopening.

Part of the brake lights is on the trunk lid. Also it is decorated with a sports spoiler and LED turn signal lights.

Trunk volume is 650 liters.

The verdict

The new BMW X5 crossover has all the traditional advantages of the BMW brand, plus the latest technologies of safety and comfort, plus a very smooth ride, plus a stylish, modern look.