Chevrolet Blazer 2019

Chevrolet Blazer 2019

Engine: 4-Cylinder and V6 Engines
Transmission/drive: Standard 9-speed automatic transmission
Alternative: Ford Edge ST, Nissan Murano, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Hyundai Santa Fe, Honda Passport


The new Chevrolet Blazer crossover is very different from previous models. His “face” looks rather severe, thanks to the peculiar shape of headlights, grille and hood lines. LED headlights have a narrow shape, and they also perform the function of the side lights and daytime running lights.

The high beam headlamps are circular, with fog lamps and turn signals located under them.

The front grille of the basic version is made in the shape of horizontal chrome strips, and the sport version has a mesh insert. The grille is divided into two parts and the famous Chevrolet emblem is placed on the dividing line. Both front and back emblems have LED backlighting.

The central part of the hood is slightly raised, and on the side parts there are two curved lines. Thus, the hood gets futuristic look.

The windshield can be either partially or fully heated.

The Chevrolet Blazer SUV wheel arches are very large, allowing you to install both branded 18-inch alloy wheel rims and larger 21-inch rims.

The side windows are slightly darkened and almost merge with the division channels. As a result, an illusion is created that the side of the car is fully made of glass.

LED side repeaters are installed on the side mirrors. Also mirrors are equipped with heating system, electric drive, and automatic folding system.

The color palette of the body has many beautiful shades, including bright ones. In addition to the proposed colors, the new Chevrolet Blazer crossover can be painted on an individual order.

Protective plastic edging can be both black and painted in body color.

The basic version has a sunroof on the roof equipped with the electric drive, and optionally you can order a panoramic roof.

The rear doors can open to 90 degrees.


The interior of the Chevrolet Blazer impresses with its comfort and style. When looking at the front panel, the first thing that catches your eye is the 8-inch touchscreen of multimedia system control based on Chevrolet Infotainment 3 with support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Next to the display, you can see the engine Start / Stop buttons, the audio control panel and several safety function buttons. In addition, the car has Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connection.

The location of the displays and buttons is optimized, so everything is always at hand.

Efficient air supply is provided by two round air ducts which are reminiscent of aircraft turbines.

On the central tunnel there are mounted wireless charging standard Qi, gear lever, suspension mode selector and several cupholders. At the other end there is an armrest with multiple USB chargings and a 12V outlet.
In the basic version there is no smoking equipment, and it will have to be purchased additionally.

The seats are made in the most ergonomic style. They have lateral support, head restraints, tilt control function, electric drive, and heating system. The premium versions also have a cooling system and mode settings memory. 

Leather with stitching is used as a finishing material. The skin color is matched to the body color. Additional decorative effect is provided by inserts of polished wood, black lacquer, aluminum.

The steering column can be adjusted in height and in depth. Two of the four steering wheel radii have groups of function buttons.


Depending on the version, the new Chevrolet Blazer may have a 4-cylinder or V6 engine. In any way, the engine is complemented with a 9-speed automatic transmission. Engine power can be 194 or 309 horsepower, and torque 254 or 270 lbf ft (355 or 365 Hm).

Buyers are offered front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive car versions.

The new crossover has a completely independent GM C1 suspension. McPherson is installed in the front, and a multi-link suspension is installed in the rear. This makes the car even more steerable, stout and safe.

Chevrolet Blazer is equipped with a disc brake system. Ventilated brake discs are mounted at the front.

The car is capable to move at a speed of 308 at 270 lb-ft of torque.

Speeds switch very quickly and smoothly. During acceleration, passengers do not feel any unpleasant jerks.

The crossover maneuvers perfectly and perfectly performs difficult turns even on an uneven or slippery road.

Chevrolet Blazer takes only 6.1 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour. It can travel a quarter of a mile in 14.7 seconds at a speed of 95.5 miles per hour.

If you need to break abruptly at 60 miles per hour, the braking distance is about 126 feet.


The spacious Chevrolet Blazer has an updated regular-wheelbase GM C1 platform, permitting to have many the most advanced safety and comfort systems, as well as helpful driving assistants. The list of these functions is very long. Here are just a few points: adaptive headlights; pillows, curtains, inflatable seat belts; all-round visibility, monitoring of blind spots and movement parameters; recognition of road signs and pedestrians; active lane control; parking assistant and automatic parking; keyless access to the car, and more.


On the trunk lid of the Chevrolet Blazer there are notches for license plates, the company logo, as well as sensors and a rear-view camera.

The trunk lid can be opened both in the traditional way and by the contactless method.

The luggage compartment is very roomy. If you fold the rear seats its volume reaches 1818 liters. Its depth can be adjusted using the original Cargo Management System fasteners.

The verdict

The new, amazingly attractive Chevrolet Blazer crossover has little to do with previous models. This is a completely new car with a distinct character, modern comfort and increased safety. The abundance of new technologies makes it stylish and reliable.

The car provides a comfortable journey for adults, children and pets.