Ford Edge ST 2019

Ford Edge ST 2019

Engine: 2.0; 2.7; 3.5 liters gasoline engine
Transmission/drive: 8-speed automatic transmission
Alternative: BMW X5, Audi Q7, Range Rover Ewok, Lexus RX350


New Ford Edge ST is a new, more powerful and aggressive version of the crossover that is already fancied by road-users. The car received a new "face" and a new stern. The shape of the hood has changed, the grille has a new design, the main headlights have been modernized.

The shape of the LED tail lights has also have changed. The front bumper has become more powerful. All this has improved the aerodynamics of the car and added impressiveness to its appearance.

Changes of the stern of the car are also very noticeable. The tailgate has become more ergonomic, the platform for mounting the license plate has increased in size.

The upper part of the body kit includes additional air intakes and fog lights. The lower part of the body kit is finished with plastic and metal.

Body color has 11 options. The material from which the body is made includes high-strength steel, which significantly increases its strength and improves passive safety.


Cabine updates may not seem so noticeable, but all its furnishings have become more stylish, comfortable and ergonomic. The center console is fully updated. It has controls for 8-speed automatic transmission, a lot of cupholders and compartments for storing small things, a platform for wireless charging of a smartphone.

The dashboard looks gorgeous. It consists of a single display, the central part of which shows the speed, and the rest just as important motion indicators are displayed on the sides of the display.

Comfortable sports seats with lateral support have beautiful combined upholstery, and their backs are decorated with letters ST. The backseat can take three big adult passengers. The seats have a ventilation system and heating.

The pedals are reinforced with aluminum lining.

The multimedia system Sync 3 can function together with the electronic assistant Ford / Alexa. It has access to the Internet and allows you to simultaneously connect up to 10 different devices.


The car has excellent acceleration, the 0-60-mph time is only about 6.0 seconds. Top speed reaches 155 mph.

The steering mechanism with an electric assist is capable of changing its settings depending on the nature of the vehicle movement. Because of this, the response of vehicle at high speed just outstanding.

For lovers of particularly fast driving the car provides a sport mode. You just need to press the letter "S" and the transmission begins to function in a completely different way.

The automatic braking system with pedestrian and cyclist recognition, ultrasound radar and cameras with a wide viewing angle help the safe driving. The following systems provide additional security: a system to prevent from tipping over; a system that distributes braking forces and torque during braking; downhill assistant; adaptive cruise control; auto slowdown in case of an accident; electronic immobilizer.


The new version of the Ford Edge ST is equipped with a twin-turbo 2.7 V6 EcoBoost engine. Its power is increased to 340 horsepower, and torque to 515 Nm. The crossover is all-wheel drive, and for an additional fee you can get a sports suspension and particularly effective brakes.

The cabin of the new crossover is literally packed with high-tech innovations. Multimedia Center Sync 3 has a touchscreen display and is able to interact with the voice assistant Ford / Alexa.


The volume of the trunk has not changed as compared with previous models. Normally its volume is 110 liters, and if you fold the backs of the rear seats, it increases to 2077 liters. That is, the Ford Edge ST has one of the most capacious luggage racks among the cars of its class.

The luggage compartment has a storage space underneath where you can store a spare wheel or various tools that you may need during the trip.

The verdict

New Ford Edge ST offers customers improved design, increased comfort and increased safety. Its dynamic performance is better than the previous models, and it uses more new technologies. Spacious interior and roomy trunk make any trip as enjoyable as possible.