Ford Ranger 2019

Ford Ranger 2019

Engine: turbo 4-cylinder engine
Transmission/drive: class-exclusive 10-speed automatic transmission
Alternative: Chevrolet Silverado, Toyota Hilux, Volkswagen Amarok, Nissan Navara


New Ford Ranger is one of the best and most modern representatives of the type of "urban pickups." Designers have done a great job, and gave the new model an aggressive and very stylish appearance.

The car has a fairly large size, but still remains compact.

Buyers are invited to choose from three trims: XL, XLT and Lariat.

The cars’ exterior can be made in two styles: SuperCab and SuperCrew.

SuperCab body has rear demi-doors, providing easy access to the back row of seats.

Body SuperCrew has four full doors.

The front part of the car received an aggressive design. On the hood there are well-marked relief elements. The grille became a bit smaller and got a stroke from a chrome strip. Headlights also slightly reduced in size. Their narrow rectangular shape fits well with the character of the car.

Its whole body has a powerful plastic protection that allows you to drive over rough terrain. The  high ground clearance also contributes to such trips.

The rear lights are very large in size, and the exhaust system has become almost invisible.


The cardinal restyling made the interior of the Ford Ranger more stylish and more comfortable. The main finishing materials are high-quality plastic, leather, aluminum. The steering wheel has a leather sheath.

The most important systems are controlled by the buttons, which are located on the center console. The touch screen is located at the top. A smartphone of any manufacturer can be connected to the system.

According to the latest trends in automotive production dashboard is digital.

The interior is spacious, the seats are soft, and they are also equipped with an automatic adjustment system.


Advanced technologies, which are equipping the new Ford Ranger, ensure safe driving in the city and off-road. Such systems as lane keeping assist and lane departure warning help the driver to drive safely. If necessary, automatic emergency braking is activated.

Advanced trims XLT and Lariat are also equipped with Blind Spot Information (BLIS). In addition Lariat is  equipped with an adaptive cruise control. The Pre-Collision Assist feature analyses information from video cameras, recognizes pedestrians and other obstacles encountered along the way, and helps avoid collisions.


Following the modern automotive trends, the new Ford Ranger offers its customers an extensive range of features that provide an interesting entertainment program, immaculate comfort and upgraded safety.

When fully equipped with optional FX4 packages, the Ford Ranger can easily move on thick grass, loose snow and sand, on impassable mud and steep slopes with a slope of up to 27 degrees. It can even ride with a side slope of up to 22 degrees. Driver-select operating modes, a 2.3-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and a 10-speed automatic transmission also help driving in difficult road conditions.

The engine can develop power up to 270 horsepower, torque reaches 310 lb-ft. These figures correspond to the best characteristics in cars of this segment.

Of course, the car is equipped with such technologies as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, an excellent audio system, built-in intuitive navigation.


The cargo bay in the new Ford Ranger can have a length of either 5 feet or 6 feet. The maximum weight of the cargo in the luggage compartment can reach 1,860 pounds, which greatly exceeds the capacity of previous models.

In addition, the Ford Ranger is able to tow 7,500 pounds.


The new Ford Ranger is an ideal vehicle for nature trips. It has increased reliability and it is able to provide perfect comfort and complete safety in the wild off-road conditions.