GMC Sierra Denali 2019

GMC Sierra Denali 2019

Engine: 4-cylinder and a diesel
Transmission/drive: 8 and 10-speed automatic transmission
Fuel economy: 15.7 / 11.8 (l/62 miles)
Alternative: Ford F-150, Ram 1500


The new GMC Sierra Denali pickup has such a rich technical equipment that you might think that this car was created for some fantastic superhero, and not for city streets and country roads. In its appearance, there is much in common with the well-liked Chevrolet Silverado, and the new car benefits from this similarity.

The car’s exterior immediately attracts attention with beautiful proportions with radiant chrome trim. Chrome decorates the grille, fog lights framing, rims, rear-view mirrors, door handles, molding around windows, bottom of the bumper, decorative grilles and company logos. If you buy an optional AT4 off-road package, then the sparkling elements will be replaced with black chrome. The tires will become larger, and the pickup will look even more impressive.

The cargo compartment has a special particularly strong carbon coating, which gives the surfaces a decorative appearance and increased wear resistance.


The interior design of the four-door GMC Sierra Denali pickup focuses on ergonomics, functionality and comfort. A pleasant luxury is also present. The main finishing material is leather, and noble black and gray tones predominate in the color palette. Wooden inserts from natural ash contribute to the interior some opulence touch.

Comfortable seats are trimmed with leather and decorative perforated inserts. The front seats are electrically adjustable and can take 10 different positions. They are also equipped with heating and ventilation systems.

The steering wheel is equipped with leather sheeting and its own heating system.

The cabin design incorporates a unique technology to absorb noise and vibration, providing passengers with total comfort, even in off-road conditions. Engine torsional vibration is completely absorbed and does not cause passengers any inconvenience.

Doors are decorated with beautiful inlaid and have a maximum degree of tightness.

The interior provides many cases and drawers for storing important small items such as tablets, telephones, umbrellas, etc. Special compartments are built into the seat backs, under the seats, into the dashboard. There is also a whole system of cup holders.


The new GMC Sierra Denali pickup can be equipped with two different versions of the top-level engine: the 5.3-liter V8 or the 6.2-liter V8. Dynamic Fuel Management system can automatically disconnect and connect individual cylinders, providing optimal driving conditions. For example, when a car drives off a mountain, a pickup truck can use just one cylinder, and when driving on a flat road at a speed of about 50 miles per hour, half of the cylinders will be used.

Modern technology stop / start provides the most efficient fuel consumption.

The basic power unit has a power of 335 horsepower, and a more powerful one gives 420 horsepower and a torque of 460 lbf ∙ ft (624 N ∙ m).

A 5.3-liter engine requires for every 62 miles 13.8 liters of fuel and 10.2 liters when driving on a four-wheel drive highway. The more powerful 6.2-liter consumes 15.7 liters and 11.8 liters of fuel under similar conditions.

GMC Sierra Denali has 4 driving modes: Tour, Sport, Off-Road and Tow / Haul. As a rule, the most popular mode is Sport. It provides increased steering accuracy, excellent balancing and a remarkable response to the throttle plate. Other modes are also very functional.

Whichever ride mode is chosen, the car never makes thundering sounds, does not rattle and perfectly answers the steering wheel.


GMC Sierra Denali is equipped with many new technologies that make the ride comfortable and safe. Packages of options like Advanced Trailering and Trailering Camera are specifically designed to haul trailers in a professional manner.

When the need arises, the 8-inch display of the multimedia system can immediately display the image received from surveillance cameras.

A four-wheel drive version of the pickup can confidently tow a weight of up to 4.2 tons, and a single-wheel drive version with a 5.3-liter engine can handle weights of up to 4.4 tons, and a four-wheel drive version with a Crew Cab can tow a weight of up to 5.5 tons.

An extensive set of auxiliary functions designed to provide towing and leveling of the body during roll can be tested on a smartphone using the corresponding application, or it can be tested on the display of the regular infotainment system of the pickup.


On the tailgate there is a unique Multipro Tailgate. This door consists of three parts. It can be controlled remotely, and it can take 6 different positions, making the body extremely functional and comfortable. Thanks to this design, the pickup truck bay easily changes its configuration and simplifies the process of loading oversized and long-length loads.

Small steps are integrated into the corners of the rear bumper, providing easy access to the load compartment from either side.

For short-box versions cargo volume is 62.9 cubic feet, and standard versions have 89.1 cubic feet. The weight of the cargo transported in the cargo body can reach 907 kg.

The verdict

The GMC Sierra Denali pickup is equipped with a huge number of electronic assistants, the most modern security systems and a powerful towing device. Experts recognize it as one of the most functional, stylish and efficient pickups in its class.