Honda Passport 2019

Honda Passport 2019

Engine: 280-hp V6 engine
Transmission/drive: 9-speed automatic transmission
Fuel economy: 20 mpg city/25 highway and all-wheel-drive capability at 19 city/24 highway
Alternative: Hyundai Santa Fe, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Volkswagen Tiguan


The new Honda Passport will undoubtedly become one of the most popular Honda cars. It is a mid-sized crossover with improved design and off-road capability.

The car is very roomy and has a rich decor. Its updated body is decorated with embossed elements covering a large area. The entire appearance suggests that the car can move with equal ease and on modern roads and off-road.

The intricate topography of the hood is a kind of " signature" of Honda designers. This new model also flaunts a lot of bumps and grooves, giving it a very decorative appearance. The air intake system is located in the center of the T-shaped insert, and on each side of it there are triangular xenon headlights.

Plastic car body kit protects the body from scratches when driving through country areas. There is also a metal protector of the under hood area.

On the sides of the car you can see a lot of embossed elements, too. Step relief is present on massive doors.

Large windows seem to merge with each other in one lane. Wheel arches are trimmed with contrast plastic.

The rear view of the Honda Passport is more like an SUV and not a crossover.

On the trunk lid there is a wide visor, on which there are many signal lights. Overall lights have a triangular shape.


The interior of the Honda Passport is comfortable and cozy. For its decoration designers used ergonomic materials: plastic, fabric, metal. Comfort for the passengers is provided by modern seats and multimedia system.

The main part of the auxiliary functions is configured using analog controls. In the central part of the console there is a multimedia display designed for entertainment functions.

The refrigerator in the car is not provided, but there is a large compartment for various things and a lot of cupholders.

The interior has five seats, trimmed with fabric or leather. They have average softness and a set of functions necessary for comfort. The front seats are electrically adjustable and heated. Rear triple seat is heated. The back of the rear seat can be reclined.


Honda Passport crossover can be considered a real SUV that can easily move on the wild off-road. The car is well protected from scratches with facing and grille. Its ground clearance is increased compared with previous models. The car moves without problems in the mud, sand, deep snow.

The high ground clearance enhances the throughput of the car even more.

The torque can be split 50/50 on all four wheels. If you want to go on loose snow, then you can turn on the snow mode. In this case, due to the split of torque, the power of the rear end will be increased. Experiments have shown that the snow mode is ideal for driving on slippery, icy surfaces.

The ability to split the torque between the wheels, depending on road conditions, gives the car stability on the most slippery roads and when driving in areas with difficult terrain. For example, a car can drive up a slope of 20 degrees and descend a slope of 26 degrees.

Experts recognize the Honda Passport as one of the best and safest urban SUVs.


Honda Passport is equipped with the Honda Sensing security system, LED lighting, three-zone climate control, steering wheel heating system, Smart Start and Smart Entry systems, a multimedia system and a color touch display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces.

Security is provided by a rear-view camera, a blind spot monitoring system. Also, the car is equipped with adaptive cruise control; automatic emergency braking system; warning system of exit from the occupied lane; frontal collision avoidance system.


The new Honda Passport has a spacious luggage compartment. If you fold the rear seats, it can hold up to 1167 liters of various goods. Besides, it is possible to install additional removable containers.


The new Honda Passport is the ideal vehicle for those preferring outdoor activities. It has a stylish appearance, comfortable interior and driving characteristics that allow you to drive even in the most difficult road conditions.