Hyundai Nexo 2019

Hyundai Nexo 2019

Engine: 95-kW fuel cell stack with a 40-kW battery
Fuel economy: combined output of 135 kW or about 180 horsepower
Alternative: Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf


The new model Hyundai Nexo replaces the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell. It is a compact, but very roomy cross-SUV. The car is very convenient to travel around the city and along country roads.n The new model is very different from previous ones it has a bright style, and innovation-based technical equipment. Hyundai Nexo wheelbase is 109.8 inches, and overall dimensions are almost 10 inches larger than in previous models.

The whole look of the car has become modern and it perfectly corresponds to the latest trends in automotive design.

The front bumper has acquired a very elegant shape. It combines with the hood into a single composition using a unique front grille.

The main groups of headlights are located on the sides of the grille. The wheels are made in the aviation style. Door handles provide bright color accents.

The roof of the car is domed. Car door handles are equipped with modern touch controls.

Fenders and boot lid look as they are merged into one object. Overall lights are equipped with LEDs and are drop-shaped.


The car interior has two rows of seats, which can comfortably accommodate five people. The design is minimalist, but very elegant and ergonomic.

The control buttons for comfort systems are assembled on a massive center console. The car is equipped with a ventilation system and air conditioning, excellent audio systems. Two large screens are combined with the dashboard. The central screen is intended for information and entertainment purposes. It also displays navigation information. The screen on the left displays the instrument readings and information from the video cameras.

The media system screen displays the remaining fuel distance and a map showing the filling stations. Also, the front panel provides a lot of information about the operation of the hydrogen reactor.

Finishing material is high-quality leather, providing passengers with complete comfort.

Climate control has two zones.


To a speed of 60 miles / hour, the car accelerates in just 9.5 seconds.

Fuel economy is significantly improved. Between refueling the car can travel up to 370 miles.. This is significantly more than the previous models could do.

The car is equipped with an upgraded system of air supply to fuel cells, so the readiness to start requires only thirty seconds, even if the car has stood in the open all night in severe frost. During tests in cold conditions, the new hydrogen crossover showed excellent results. Even during the time of severe frosts, the fuel retains its performance, so the car can drive even under the conditions of arctic winter.

Advanced Driver Assistance System provides a safe ride. When the car drives on a good road, the ride can be performed almost completely in automatic mode. Cruise control instantly adapts to changing environments, the car automatically avoids collisions and can recognize moving objects.


One of the main advantages of the new model is a powerful electromotor working on hydrogen fuel. The new Hyundai Nexo is equipped with a 40-kW battery and hydrogen tanks. Refueling can be done very fast. In order to fill the cylinders with hydrogen, five minutes is just enough. Refueling is much faster than in Nissan Leaf or Tesla Model S.

One refueling is enough to drive 590 km. Cylinders Hyundai Nexo hold more than 6 kg of hydrogen. Compared with previous models, engineers and designers have increased the power of the car by almost 20%.

The Hyundai Nexo electric motor develops a power of 120 kW (that is 163 horsepower). For comparison, the Tucson FCEV had only 136 horsepower. The useful time of fuel cells reaches ten years.

Hyundai Nexo enhanced security is supported by a variety of modern systems: monitoring blind spots; automatic parking, all-round visibility system, adaptive cruise control, etc.

The Intelligent Personal Cockpit system is able to recognize voice commands, it also has the function of monitoring the state of the driver (Wellness Care), which with the help of sensors located in the seat and on the steering wheel measures the level of stress.


To increase the occupant space, the battery had to be moved to the cargo area.


The new compact crossover Hyundai Nexo is ideal for those who seek to minimize toxic exhaust, but at the same time wants to save fuel and travel in luxurious comfort. This is one of the most environmentally friendly cars of our time.

Hyundai Nexo is an indispensable model for driving in extreme conditions and subzero weather.