Hyundai Santa Fe 2019

Hyundai Santa Fe 2019

Engine: 2.4-liter and turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engines
Transmission/drive: new 8-speed automatic transmission
Fuel economy: 22 City / 29 Highway
Alternative: Kia Sorento, Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander


Hyundai Santa Fe is a completely new crossover with a new style and a new character. Only some elements of the body remind of its relationship with older models.

Compared with the previous generation, Hyundai Santa Fe has completely changed the look. One of the most visible parts of the appearance are, of course, the headlights. They became adaptive, got the function of cornering lights and automatic switching of high and low beam. In the center of the spectacular front bumper there are located a radar and sensors of numerous security systems.

Wheel arches acquired an unusual decoration - a double elongated line.

Unlike previous models, rear-view mirrors have increased in size, and now they are located on the car body. The body of the mirror is painted in two colors and at the borderline of colors there is a LED direction indicator. The set of side mirrors Hyundai Santa Fe has electric adjustment, heating system and automatic folding system.

The color scheme of car bodies is very diverse, and buyers will surely find their favorite colors in this rich pallet.

Designers  gave  the back of the car  a very modern style. The trunk lid is decorated with traditional branded chrome emblem. At the bottom of the rear bumper, there is a chrome diffuser and tailpipes. The side of the bumper is decorated with fog lights, which are combined with direction indicators and reverse indicators.


The interior of the new Hyundai Santa Fe has become even more attractive and comfortable compared to previous models. Its design is replete with clear horizontal lines and rounded corners.

The spacious lounge has enough space for 5 adults.

In the upper part of the center console there is an infotainment system based on a large touch screen display. This system is designed with the latest technology. Using Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems, you can connect any gadget to it and display any information on the display. There are also several rechargings: USB, 12V, 220V, wireless charging.

The front seats are heated and ventilated. The entire steering circle also has a heating system.

There are a lot of different sockets in the interior of the car: one standard, two USB in the front, two USB in the back, and another outlet in the trunk. It is very convenient.

Thanks to the perfectly running engine and the special design of the windshield and side windows, there is always a pleasant quietness in the interior.

The base trim Hyundai Santa Fe has 12 speakers, and in the more expensive models the number of speakers can be up to 24.


Hyundai Santa Fe autopilot features are just amazing. Its adaptive cruise control is not only able to adjust the speed basing on the terrain and seen road signs, but it also allows the driver not to hold the steering wheel while using electronic assistants. The driver should steer only on steep turns.

The car perfectly damps vibrations and the steering wheel perfectly happens, so it provides the same security when driving on city streets, on mountain roads, and on wild roads.

The car perfectly damps vibrations and perfectly answers to the steer, so it provides the same security when driving on city streets, on mountain roads, and on wild off-road.

Safety of the driver and passengers is ensured both when driving and when stopped. For example, the safe exit system does not open the door if it detects an approaching vehicle. The recognition range is 20-30 meters. In this case, the electronics locks the lock only for the time that is necessary for the vehicle to move to a safe distance. After that, the lock opens.

Even if the driver decides to take a ride around the area with no maps in the navigation system of the Hyundai Santa Fe, this is not a problem. Any Google maps can be downloaded from the smartphone via the Android Auto protocol, and then you can work with them through the standard display.


The mass of the new Hyundai Santa Fe model has not increased, which in combination with the 8-speed automatic transmission gives a lot of advantages. For example, the acceleration time to hundreds of kilometers per hour has decreased, and now it is just a little more than nine seconds. Fuel consumption has also become less.

The Hyundai Santa Fe with a gasoline engine is equipped with a six-speed gearbox, and the diesel model has 8-speed automatic transmission. This allows you to save diesel fuel, as the engine efficiency is improved. It also improves the dynamics, because the transmission gearbox allows you to keep the optimal number of revolutions, thanks to a large number of speeds.

The speedometer has become virtual, and it changes its color depending on the selected mode.

The unique function will not allow forgetful people to leave in the car a child or a pet. If special sensors detect any passengers in the backseat, a notification is displayed on the instrument panel. If people ignore this notification, get out of the car and lock it, the car will give light and sound signals.

The Blue Link system helps to control climate control, video cameras, various sensors, and an audio system.


The trunk lid can be opened from the passenger compartment in a contactless manner or using the remote control.

Trunk volume exceeds 600 liters.


Experts agree that the producers of Hyundai Santa Fe managed to significantly improve the car, making it as stylish, comfortable and modern as possible. Futuristic trim is designed for young people, but it is elegant and appeals to people of any age.

The car has excellent robustness and affordable price.