Toyota Corolla 2020

Toyota Corolla 2020

Engine: 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine
Transmission/drive: continously variable transmission (CVT)
Fuel economy: 30 city/38 highway/33 combined mpg; 29 city/37 highway/32 combined rating
Alternative: Lexus UX


Sedan Toyota Corolla 2020 will undoubtedly take one of the leading places among the most fashionable cars. The design of this new model has become more angular and received aggressive notes. The front part looks most mould-breaking, and the rear part has preserved the traditional outlines.

The whole silhouette has a great resemblance to the predecessor, but it has become more dynamic and modern.

The front part is decorated with narrow headlights and a large hexagonal grille. Together they form a very stylish composition. Thanks to this, the “face” of the car has become more expressive.

Taillights got LED architecture.

The color of the car body got a hue that is not typical for Toyota and it looks very attractive. This special color perfectly accentuates the intricate relief of the body.


The interior of the new model is very similar to the interior of the five-door model that has become so popular. The steering wheel remains of the same convenient shape. The front panel also looks very similar to the one that was in the previous hatchback model. But in general, the interior turned out to be much more attractive than in previous versions. For its decoration higher quality materials are used, and the color scheme has become more pleasing to the eye. Buyers can choose from the following color combinations: blue-black, gray and macadamia nut color.

The distance between the control buttons has become shorter, unnecessary inscriptions disappeared. These changes have increased the ergonomics of the driver's seat and made driving easier.

Engineers managed to significantly reduce the noise level in the cabin, which makes the car ride much more comfortable.

In general, the cabin style can be described as sporty, practical and very elegant. The car surrounds the driver and passengers with modern comfort. Armrests have become significantly longer than in previous models. Inside there is a lot of cup-holders of different sizes, allowing you to use any beverage containers. All these little things provide a perfect comfort.

The shape of the seats has been significantly redesigned, and now they provide better support to the human body, fix it in an optimal position, prevent fatigue, and increase safety.

The air conditioning system ensures the freshness of the air and prevents the windows from misting up.


The new Toyota Corolla 2020 was created on the basis of the Toyota New Global Architecture platform, so its architecture has much in common with previous models. Nevertheless, technically it is more advanced and perfect than its predecessors.

The car is equipped with continously variable transmission (CVT). Its engine is improved, and fuel consumption is reduced. Engine power reaches 139 horsepower.

CVT provides faster acceleration and allows you to change gear ratios faster than previous models could. Acceleration to a speed of 100 km / h takes only 12.6 seconds.

The car has 10 virtual gears, as well as sports mode.

New six-speed manual transmission provides automatic downshift.


The wheelbase of the new Toyota Corolla remains the same as its predecessor. But the new sedan is slightly widened the front and rear parts, thanks to this change the car has become more spacious. The height of the hood now is a little bit shorter, so the driver got a better view of the road. To achieve this, engineers had to install the engine in much lower position than in previous models.

New car architecture uses multi-link suspension instead of torsion beams. This greatly improves the dynamics of the car, makes driving safer, and reduces the noise level in the cabin. This is facilitated by the newest sound-absorbing panels. Vibrations caused by a functioning transmission are also significantly reduced.

A large dashboard display allows the driver to use both digital and analog speedometers.

To control the climate control buttons and switches are used.

The multimedia system is controlled via a touch screen. The kit also includes Apple CarPlay, which allows you to connect an iPhone to the car, a virtual assistant Amazon Alexa, and a range of applications, including Scout GPS Link. The latest technology makes remote activation possible. The compatibility with Apple Watch is ensured.

The security system can prevent frontal collisions, can detect not only any vehicles, but also pedestrians.


Roomy trunk allows you to place a as much cargo as you need.

The verdict

The new Toyota Corolla has retained all the features that fans of this model like so much. The sedan remains compact but roomy; bright but elegant. And of course, it combines the famous Japanese ergonomics and reliability.

This stylish and practical car ideally suites for urban environments.