Volvo 2018

Volvo 2018

2018 Volvo V60

The 2018 Volvo V60 is a wagon type cross-country vehicle (unlike the standard V60), which has some new features and uses advanced solutions catering to an easy, smooth and memorable ride. This five-door wagon is great for both city and cross-country driving.

The 2018 V60 has four trims: Dynamic, Cross Country, R-Design, and Polestar. All modifications boast advanced high-tech dashboard, infotainment, and safety systems.

Exterior and General Performance

V60 is the smallest Volvo wagon, and it is more compact than many of its competitors within the category. It has an electricity-powered panoramic roof with a sunshade, which adds to general comfort regardless of weather. All trims have aluminum wheels covered with three layers of anti-rust coating. One of the most remarkable elements is the pair of tailpipes, which smoothly and precisely integrate into the vehicle’s body.

The Dynamic trim (the basic one) has the good old Volvo sporty appearance emphasized by stylish 18-inch wheels and vividly minimalistic general exterior design. It combines the sportiness of early 1990s with the Scandinavian elegance and creates an energetic and confident mix.

The Cross Country modification is more robust, and it presents a unique chemistry of masculinity, luxury and elegance. It has more pronounced fender extenders and sits higher on its 18-inch wheels. This ensures a higher flotation ability and off-road performance; needless to say, the Cross Country shows higher performance on uneven, steep, twisting and slippery roads.

The R-design is stands out by a low and stiffed chassis, chromed trim, lower setting, and stylish 5-spoke 19-inch wheels. The general shape is sportier and boasts characteristic flowing lines, which, combined with the low sitting, add a substantial degree of maneuverability.

The Polestar trim is going to be a highly exclusive one, and only a limited number of vehicles will be produced over 2018. It is the highest grade model in the 2018 V60 lineup with an aggressive sporty design and 20-inch wheels.

Interior and Comfort

2018 Volvo V60 boasts a refined and attractive cabin design. Even Dymanics use high-quality leather. All five seats are well-cushioned and provide maximum comfort for the driver and passengers. The driver’s seat is power-adjustable in all trims, while power-adjustable passenger seats are optional. In trims with power-adjustable front seats, the position of the cushion and backrest can be chosen with the help of a control panel located near the cushion. This lumbar support is vital for car owners who plan long-distance trips.

The rear seats feature headrests, which are folded/unfolded at a press of a button. When folded, it is a little uncomfortable for passengers. On the other hand, unfolded headrests will block the rearview.

Door mirrors are power-adjustable too (in higher trims). This provides maximum comfort and greatly contributes to safe driving.

Even the Dynamic trim features a unique climate control system, which helps you to easily adjust comfortable temperature and humidity levels. The driver and the front passenger can adjust it independently.

Cargo and storage

Thanks to the three-way backseat folding configuration (40/20/40) and sufficient lift-over height, you can create substantial cargo space and transport a variety of items. If you fold the middle section along, there will be enough space for a lengthy item like skis while letting passengers at both sides sit comfortably. Also, Volvo V60 has a notoriously spacious glovebox and center console, plus conveniently located cupholders.


Some users say the infotainment system is somewhat outdated, because there is no touchscreen, and buttons are spread chaotically over the panel. Others find buttons more robust and convenient than touchscreens and say it just takes a bit of getting used to.  The system includes a 7.0-inch Sensus Connect display screen, USB, and CD-player. The infotainment hub boasts a number of applications, which provide connectivity with the world at large with a streaming option. Plus the 4x45W eight-speaker audio system and navigation control. There are reasons to believe that 2018 V60 heading toward the incorporation of advanced web- and cloud-based solutions.


Volvos are renowned for their reliable safety systems, and the V60 is no exception. All trims have airbags, which protect the face, head and chest, with inflation level depending on the impact. The Dual Xenon Headlights and Active Bending Lights create a combination that gives you a second vision around bends during night hours. The Emergency Brake Light system is activated when you slow down, to signal those behind you that you that you may become an obstacle. The City Safety™ collision avoidance system (activated at 2 mph) triggers brakes automatically during relatively slow city rides in situations where the driver has not the brake pedal in the right time.