Mercedes A 2019 is now in Canada

Mercedes A 2019 is now in Canada

Canadian Mercedes-Benz fans in 2019 will receive the long-awaited luxury A-class Mercedes.

This car provides:

  • even more convenience;
  • even more security;
  • even more style.

Even before entering the wide market, the auto managed to become famous in the media and was described as the one with the best aerodynamics of all modern production vehicles. And indeed its wind drag performance is unsurpassed.

The appearance of the car, though made in a famous signature style, has a strong personality. It cannot be confused with any other.

The car has a very expressive “face”: an elegant radiator grille, in the center of which there is the traditional Mercedes logo in the form of a three-beam star; LED headlights that resemble slanting eyes; sculpted bumper, in which the air intakes perform the function of additional stylish decorations.

The slightly extended hood, domed roof and tucked up rear of the vehicle make the car's cutout very dynamic. Rear side turn signals consist of two sections, giving the vehicle a touch of class.

Outline dimensions of the car are just such as to provide convenience and maintain compactness. Designers managed to increase the side windows and improve the observability. Sunroof also improves interior lighting and adds more style. And 64-color ambient lighting makes an unforgettable impression.

Also, buyers will appreciate the increased ergonomics and excellent interior trim. And furthermore, the designers managed to increase the interior, make it more spacious and comfortable.

During the trip, passengers will be entertained by the newest infotainment multimedia system MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). It is equipped with a widescreen display and allows you to quickly find the information you need. Buyers can choose from several options for display combinations. You can control the system directly from the steering wheel: right on its surface there are Touch Control buttons and Touchpad, and they have such a configuration that the driver can press buttons without distracting from the car driving.

MBUX has voice control, too. Artificial Intelligence of the system is able to understand general voice commands, like a smartphone does. You do not have to memorize any special commands - you can speak in normal human language, the system understands it and correctly executes the command. Artificial Intelligence of the system is capable to learn, so over time, communication with the car will become more emotional.

Among other interesting technical innovations in the car there will be a head-up display, a communication system between cars Car-to-X, GPS tracker Vehicle Tracker and much more.

The design of the interior can be called avant-garde comfort and luxury. It is compact but spacious. The seats are equipped with a heating system, the freshness of the atmosphere is automatically maintained by climate control. Front seats have massage function. If you lower the rear seat backrest, you can significantly increase the capacity of the trunk compartment.

Mercedes A-Class 2019 safety is brought to absolute perfection. And what is of particular importance: the monitoring of the situation and protective actions are mainly performed automatically without human intervention. For example, the special PRE-SAFE feature monitors the situation behind the vehicle and prevents collisions. The car has an adaptive high-beam control system, a DISTRONIC distance holding system, tire pressure monitoring sensors, a helper on slopes, and many other useful technologies.

Thus, Mercedes A-class really offers customers the conditions of maximum comfort and safety on the road.