About us

Our company was created to address the needs of many consumers in the automotive market today. When shopping for a new vehicle many consumers face unethical and at times unprofessional advice from car salesmen. One of our founding directors faced such behaviour when purchasing a new car herself. Having over five years in the automotive industry, curating and managing a fleet of over 7,000 vehicles, she found herself in a helpless position when buying a new car.

Upon entering the dealership she experienced blatant inattentiveness from the salesmen and was forced to look for a sales representative herself. When approaching a sales representative with a specific model of the vehicle in mind she faced a rather unprofessional and sexist attitude, where the sales representative demonstrated the vanity mirror, cup holders, and asked if her husband was around. After receiving a negative response, the sales representative then asked if her father is with her to purchase the vehicle. After receiving a negative response once again, the sales representative provided an inadequate price tag, and was not interested in the dealership earning her business. She experienced the exact same situation at the second dealership, where the sales representative added various plans to drastically increase the monthly payments without any regard for client’s well-being.

Given such negative experience and frustration, she shared it with her friends and family. Astonished, she realized that her experience is a routine practise at many dealerships. Furthermore, she discovered that one of her closest friends was told that he has purchased a vehicle by merely test driving it at the dealership. Stress, lack of clear understanding of terms and conditions, vague wording of the documents contribute to such negative experience, causing frustration and misery for the buyers.

Our platform was created to assist new buyers irrespective of their age, religion, gender, social class or ethnicity. We want to help our clients to make an informed purchase decision when acquiring a new vehicle, stress and hustle free. At any point in time, our staff is ready to assist and navigate you through the process.

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