Car rental

Would you like to rent a car? You will find here a list of companies offering this service.

If you urgently need to rent a car, then our list of companies offers you a wide choice of cars of any models. Car rental prices offered are absolutely affordable, so you can give yourself a full will and pick up a car, even the one that is not included in the immediate plans due to budget constraints.

The need to rent a car arises quite often:

  • you need a car that has a much greater off-road capability than the one you own;
  • you need higher speed;
  • you want to make a trip with increased comfort;
  • you want to ride a luxury car.

Experts will help you choose a car for any occasion. You can choose cars of any model: business class, SUVs, minivans, universal models, etc.

Paperwork takes a few seconds, and you get a fully serviceable car with a full tank of gas.

You can extend the rental period by phone. You can also use technical and legal services.

All cars that are provided to customers are regularly tested and inspected. But we advise you to once again carefully inspect the car before renting it. After all, you are responsible for its safety. If after your droving there are be scratches, chips and other defects on the car, then you will have to pay for it. Therefore, before renting a car, you inspect it, and if you find any unrecorded defects, ask for an report. But the need for this occurs very rarely.

Also be sure to check the terms of insurance.

Our list allows you to quickly select the most suitable company for you. You can go to the company's website or call the manager and discuss rental conditions with him. Some firms have requirements for customer age and driving experience.

In order to get a car, you must have a driver's license, and foreigners must have an international driver's license.

If children weighing up to 18 kg are going to go in the car, then for them the child car seats will be needed.

Almost all firms, trying to attract as many customers as possible, offer various discounts and use very convenient payment systems