Every car needs regular maintenance. We want to help our users find the most suitable company, so we have compiled a list of companies that provide detailing services. We have included self-service car washes and large centers providing a wide range of services, including luxury cars of the latest models.

If the car owner neglects the services of the detailing, then the appearance of the car deteriorates in a year. On average, after three years, the shine of the body covering disappears, the headlights become covered with scratches and become muddy, the upholstery in the cabin is stained, and the floor is soaked with dirt and road chemicals.

A regular car wash only removes external dirt. But it cannot wash off scratches from the paintwork of a car body and the deeply embedded dirt. Therefore, without a detailing, the car quickly grows fainter and looks untidy even immediately after washing.

We must not forget that almost every exit of a car on the road leaves microscopic scratches on its body. Especially a lot of them appear, if the car gets under rain, snow, hail or dust storm. Over time, scratches are accumulated and become noticeable - the color fades, the glass becomes cloudy, a shining gloss disappears.

Small self-service car washes provide good service, but large centers use the latest carwash techniques, which removes dirt more carefully and minimizes the impact on the car body. The car can be washed by hand with a special shampoo and sponges.

To restore the former brilliance, a whole range of services is provided:

  • polishing;
  • protective coatings;
  • elimination of dents.

Eliminating scratches and small dents not only restores the car’s remarkable appearance, it increases the strength of the body and increases the brightness of the headlights, and this directly affects driving safety.

To restore the cleanliness of the cabin, you can order a dry cleaner. Modern technologies allow you not only remove visible pollution, but also carry out a deep disinfection. Experts recommend dry cleaning at least twice a year if the car is used frequently, or once a year if you rarely drive your car.

It is most convenient to do dry cleaning in the spring and autumn.

In order to restore the original appearance of the car, only high-quality materials recommended by car manufacturers are used.

Warranty is provided for work performed.