Mechanics/Oil Change

A good car needs good maintenance and periodic oil change. We took care of our customers and made a detailed list of firms providing these services. In the list you will find complete contact information of each company: telephone, address, website (if any).

Annual maintenance performed by qualified mechanics and well-timed oil change will make your car as maneuverable, good looking and safe as possible. Minor problems that inevitably accumulate over time will be eliminated in a timely manner, and this will prevent the need for large-scale and costly repairs.

Some car owners are trying to carry out an oil change on their own. Of course, it is possible to do it on your own, but it is still better to entrust this work to pros.

The traditional oil change method is the most robust reliable procedure, ensuring excellent results.

An oil change is a standard procedure. Oil is constantly in contact with the air and because of this it changes its properties. In addition, it is necessary to carry out a seasonal replacement of lubricants, as summer and winter lubricants are designed for different ambient temperatures. Summer oil in cold weather can thicken itself and make it difficult to start the engine. In turn, winter lubricants in the heat lose their viscosity, get thin, which also worsens the engine operating conditions.

While the engine is running, the oil gets very hot, so it gradually oxidizes. Also, soot, dust, metal particles get into the oil. If the oil is not changed for a long time, then all this sediment can damage the filtering system of the car, and then there will be a need for costly repairs.

Recommended oil change intervals are indicated by the car manufacturer, since they are different for each model. Suitable types of oil are also listed in the instructions for the car.

You can change the oil more often than the manufacturer recommends, but doing it less often is highly undesirable.

In the following cases, the oil has to be changed more often:

  • car often gets into traffic jams;
  • the motor is working with heavy loads;
  • too short intervals between starting and stopping the power unit (it is necessary that the time interval between the start and stop of the motor should be at least half an hour);
  • the car often drives in a very dusty atmosphere.

Many modern cars have special sensors for giving a signal about the need to change the oil. As soon as you receive such a signal, you need to change the oil as soon as possible.