Tires and car wheels have to be changed quite often if you drive a lot.

Choosing the correct tire model is an extremely important task. It is necessary to take into account not only the appearance, but also the size, and the load, the typical operating conditions, and the compatibility of the wheels and tires. If you try to deal with all these nuances alone, then you will face great difficulties. And the mistakes made will result in increased vehicle wear.

We have compiled a list of companies for you, where they can help you to choose the proper wheels and tires for your car, as well as to mount them. Also in these firms you can get any consultation on wheels and tires.

Tires must fit the season. Service centers offer installation of both summer and winter options. Each tire model has a corresponding guidance note, and you can read it if you visit the website of the company. There you can read descriptions, see photos and videos. These materials will help you to choose the right tires even without the help of specialists, but it is still better to entrust this choice to them.

Professionals will suggest you tires that not only perfectly match the season and the car model, but also are best suited to your driving style and the road conditions in which your car is used.

The selection of tires in accordance with the brand of the car can be carried out directly on the websites of service centers. In addition, you can specify information about the sizes and runflat modifications. This modification protects tires from subsidence, even if they are damaged. You can also find homologated tire versions for your car. The tires that have been approved are marked as Audi recommends, Mercedes recommends, etc.

If you cannot find a suitable tire size, then you definitely need to contact the service center managers, and they will surely find tires that are suitable for replacement. But such a situation is extremely rare, because service centers have a rich assortment of wheels and tires for every taste and every car.

It must be remembered that manufacturers do not recommend installing tires other than those that they advise for your car model. Breaching their recommendations entails an increased wear of not only the wheels, but also the whole vehicle.

For all tires and for the performed works service centers give a guarantee. There is also a warranty for tires and wheels from the manufacturer.

Payment can be made in various ways: in cash, by bank transfer. If necessary, a loan can be issued.