Window Tinting

Window tinting not only makes the car more stylish. It makes it more convenient and safer.

We have prepared for you a large list of companies that provide car tinting service, as well as repair windows and headlights, tire change, oil change, and much more.

High-quality window tinting retains nearly 90% of UV rays, turning the window into a real sun-shield. Tinting protects the interior trim from fading and cracking. In addition, the atmosphere inside the car becomes much more comfortable. Tinting film protects against overheating, reduces the load on the air conditioner, and prevents premature wear and tear of the interior trim.

Good tinting improves driving safety. Properly selected level of toning reduces eye fatigue caused by too bright sunlight or blinding snow.

If the car gets into an accident and the glass breaks on impact, then the tinting film prevents glass fragments from scattering in all directions. Therefore, none of the people who are in or near the car will get hurt by broken glass. All fragments will remain glued to the film.

Tinting film enhances the privacy and it is also an important advantage of window tinting. It creates the effect of one-sided visibility: the driver and passengers perfectly see everything that happens outside, but they remain invisible to the eyes of outsiders. Things in the car, can not be seen either, if you look into the windows from outside. And this greatly reduces the thieves' desire to break into your car when it is parked in the parking lot.

Service centers offer tinting films of different colors, and you can quickly find the shade that best harmonizes with the color of your car. Dark colors are great for SUVs, bright film is more often chosen for sports cars, and films of muted colors are usually recommended for elegant passenger cars.

If you decide to change the color of the tinting (want to make it darker or lighter), you can also contact the service center. Experts will quickly remove the old film and install a new one.

If desired, you can also tint car headlights. This is one of the brightest and the most inexpensive ways of vehicle tuning. The brightness of the light does not diminish, and the appearance of the car changes impressively.